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Thread: Vehicle Status 2011

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    Well I have not seen one of these threads yet for 2011, so I figured I'd start one.

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    Originally posted by BMH:
    Well I have not seen one of these threads yet for 2011, so I figured I'd start one.
    Upperclassmen have been busy with design work, but we dont start class for another week and a half (Sept 29) up here in the NW. New members wont start to roll in until around then as well...
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    Missisippi State University is well into the design phase. Trying to round up some money so we can start buying parts and get the ball rolling.
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    Columbia is well ahead of last year's schedule, chassis is locked, suspension is pretty much locked, powertrain is fairly far along. We're keeping a lot of things that worked well last year similar this year in an effort to save time and keep it simple. If we keep up the momentum we will finally have a car done months before competition instead of at competition. Now it's time to start focusing on the smaller things, like fuel, cooling, etc. And we have a LOT of interest in the club this year. We grew from about 10-15 memebers in 09 to around 30 last year, and we have a lot of returning members with a dozens of highly interested new people. Our work is cut out for us in keeping those new guys around by keeping them busy and getting them involved. Looks like my senior year is going to be a good one, I'm very excited.
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    I managed to swing by ODU's motorsports lab this week. Last year the majority of the team was seniors but were unable to finish the car (for various reasons)...so this year, lots of new guys with a incomplete car and picking up the puzzle pieces. Should be interesting for them and a very steep learning curve.
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    Can't get a team running without a faculty adviser. Until then there is no AUMotorsports.
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    Chassis design is nearly finished. We proved this past weekend at UoT that we can indeed run on EFI. Some of the chassis is started, but not much. End of our summer term here, so hopefully within the next few weeks (beginning of next term) things will be getting started up.
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    Chassis design is (for the most part) finished. Just a few tweaks with rear packaging. Waiting on our metal order to begin fabrication.
    Powertrain systems are being designed, and we're still trying to source our engine before we can start testing systems.
    We are pushing our efforts with aero and composites this year, and they are currently throwing together designs for small scale wind tunnel tests.
    We are also making the switch to 10s this year so the wheel package is being redesigned and FEAed.
    Lots of exciting developments in the works! I cant wait until it all comes together!
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    Kinematics and rules compliance verification going on here. Should have a first design iteration in 3 weeks.
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    Frame design done and FEA'd, Suspension geometry finished minus tweaking front and rear ARB's. Wheel centers designed and ready for machine shop. Design going on for the uprights, stubshafts, diff carriers, etc...

    Hoping to start ordering steel here in the next two weeks or so, and get this puppy rolling
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