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Thread: Welcome back FSAE.com! ... But why the lack of discussion?

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    Melbourne Australia
    G'day Pat and Doug,

    Nice to hear from you both. Yep, I am doing OK, living on a farm in Northern Vic (not far from where FSAE-A gets run these days at Winton - at least, in years it does get run.

    I hope you are both keeping safe and well, and out of the virus's way. Corona - what a tedious car to name a global pandemic after.

    Take care gents.

    Geoff Pearson

    RMIT FSAE 02-04
    Monash FSAE 05
    RMIT FSAE 06-07

    Design it. Build it. Break it.

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    Hi Geoff,

    OK here near Buffalo/Niagara, at least so far...

    Your memory is good, I'd forgotten Toyota Corona. Drove a well-used example in the 1980s, lots of body roll & pitch, iirc (but the owner said it was very reliable). Later the model was renamed to Camry for US market.

    Best wishes,
    -- Doug

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