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Thread: Composite Design Engineer

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    Composite Design Engineer

    Fibreworks Composites is looking for an experience Composite Design Engineer in carbon fiber.

    Principal Accountabilities:
    1. Complete a departmental rotation to learn FWCís processes, ending in Engineering
    2. Produce accurate 3D models, preliminary layouts, laminating production details, in line with scheduled release dates
    3. Prepare drawings and other engineering data required for the manufacturing of Composite parts and / or data submittal to the customer
    4. Act as a shop liaison during initial production of new product designs to prevent and/or solve any engineering issue that may arise
    5. Identify problems and develop solutions
    6. Maintain awareness of emerging solutions and technologies that may be applied to Composite manufacturing
    7. Collaborate with vendors to examine supplier lead times, costs and availability for parts and tooling necessary to manufacture the product being designed
    8. Maintain and build relationships with customers
    9. Other responsibilities as assigned

    Education & Experience Required:
    1. Bachelorís Degree in Mechanical Engineering
    2. Must have 3-5 yearsí experience in design engineering
    3. Must have a sound understanding of how to use CATIA software to design in composites
    4. Basic understanding of tolerances and their implications in the Composite manufacturing process
    5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    6. Proficient in Microsoft Office software
    7. Strong organizational and time management skills
    8. Positive attitude, can do attitude
    9. Ability to work under pressure
    10. Ability to meet deadlines
    11. Available evenings, weekends, and holidays

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    Didn't you guys just have a similar opening the last year? Are things expanding? Just curious.

    Worked with you guys on the Ford GT CF components. Looked like some cool things were going on in the shop.
    Micah McMahan
    Freelance Design Engingeer
    Former MSI Defense Solutions - Sr. Design Engineer/Project Manager
    Former Roush Yates Engines - Sr. Design & Analysis Engineer
    3MI Racing LLC Owner/Engineer
    ODU FSAE 04 member, 05 controls leader, 06 control/ergo/brakes leader, 07 brakes/MC22 turbo engine/Asst Team Leader

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    Yes we did! Things are going great - always looking for great teammates!

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