Ilmor Engineering, Inc., Be a part of a winning team at Ilmor. Hiring for Trackside Engineer, Plymouth, MI Email:
The Trackside Engineer is required to have a complete understanding of all aspects of the race engine used within that program including preparation, building, testing and maintenance. Constant interaction between the various shop departments and race teams is a vital part of the position.
Ilmor Engineering, Inc. is looking for candidates who have a passion for racing & engines! Hiring for IndyCar Trackside Engineer Position.
Ilmor offers its employees valuable benefits, Medical, Dental, Vision and more. An added benefit of joining the Ilmor team.
Desired Skills & Education
Engine Calibration, Data analysis & Direct Customer Support
Engineering component failure diagnosis
Love to travel 120 days a year
Knowledge of internal combustion engine & technology
Calibration development, software development, drafting, design, dynamometer and tools development
Excellent Customer Support, while surviving the outdoors & Ability to make decisions under pressure
Industry leading testing, using PC-based calibration tools
4-year degree in Engineering
Knowledge of the English language, structure and content
Understanding of initial testing, durability, calibration, care and handling of the engine