Hi All,

We have an internship opportunity with our Tire & Vehicle Dynamics Group at Cooper Tire & Rubber Company for Fall 2019 semester. The internship will be located at the Cooper Tire & Vehicle Test Track in Pearsall, TX (near San Antonio, TX)

About the internship
1) Vehicle Dynamics simulation, research and development
2) Tire Force & Moment analysis/modeling
3) Installing and calibrating data acquisition systems on vehicles.
4) Working with the test engineer to develop and execute various test programs.
5) Ride with the driver on different maneuvers while making notes.
6) Installing and operating steering robot for vehicle dynamic tests.
7) Data analysis of tests Calculate metrics, values and write reports.
8) Develop new or existing tools to calculate vehicle dynamic metrics.

1) Fundamental knowledge of Vehicle Dynamics/Tire Dynamics
2) Basic coding skills Matlab/Python or equivalent
3) Basic understanding of dynamic systems and modeling. (Knowledge of control systems/vibrations is a plus)
4) Understanding of data acquisition systems Install, setup and calibration (MoTeC, AiM, VBOX, National Instruments etc.)
5) Microsoft Excel/Word/PowerPoint.
6) FSAE experience preferred

Feel free to email me with any questions or send me your resume if you're interested at skattravanam*at*coopertire.com

Sid Attravanam
Manager, Tire & Vehicle Dynamics
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company