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Thread: FSAE Stimulus Wheel Package.

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    We at Keizer wheels are racers ourselves. We know in the hardest of times, sponsorship dollars can be very hard to find. During the month of February we will be giving 25%off the already pre calculated sponsorship packages listed on our site. basicly buy 3 at a great price & get 1 free. This is good only until the Feb 28th so act now. It is only for complete wheels & you must refer to this add at the point of sale. If new wheels were out of the budget this year take another look. We thank all the teams that have had Keizer wheels in the past and all the teams that will take us racing in the future. Please stop by www.keizerwheels.com to review what we have. Available in the download section is further information pertaining to wheels.
    Thanks & good luck in 2009.
    Wade Huisman
    Keizer Aluminum Wheels Inc.
    "the lightest wheels in racing"

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    Hi Wade,

    This discount sounds great! Is it possible to apply this to a purchase that was already made? My team from Lawrence Tech purchased 8 wheels altogether and we can use all the help we can get right now. Especially since the ME Department wants to freeze spending now...

    Below are the wheels we purchased:
    DL136: (4)- 13x6x5 2" 31 Splined Wheels ($235)
    DL137: (4)- 13x7x5 2" 31 Splined Wheels ($245)

    Please let me know if this would be possible.
    Lawrence Tech University
    2009 Formula SAE
    Team Captain

    (AKA The Dollar Nazi)

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    Dollar Nazi, Sorry but the Splined wheels are not a part of the complete wheel packages listed on the site. Your a little advanced with your design!!! But that is a good thin. and no, To any teams wandering we can not go back in time and credit accounts. This is a off for the month of February only & only good on complete wheel packages. I hope it helps some teams and sorry if it doesn’t help all.

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    Thanks anyways...It was worth a shot.
    Lawrence Tech University
    2009 Formula SAE
    Team Captain

    (AKA The Dollar Nazi)

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    Dalla Nazi, Please send me a photo of your car and update when your complete. I look forward to seeing your project.

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    hey wade,

    in your race cars gallery, there is a white miata (66 of 70),
    can you give me some specs of the wheels he's running?

    esp. weight,size and price as we're thinking about using miata hubs on our car and so these wheels would fit..

    Formula Student Team Darmstadt - FaSTDa e.V.
    (Formula Student Germany)

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