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Thread: Turn key car with lots of spares

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    Turn key car with lots of spares

    UPDATE: This car has been donated and is no longer available.

    Let me guess. You graduated last May and started a new job. Now you aren't a broke college student eating expired ramen noodles and you have some disposable income.
    You got one of those cubicle desk jobs that most new hires get. It was exciting at first, but now you find yourself spending your lunch break watching youtube videos of the last FSAE competition and wondering where it all went wrong.
    You think about how you spent countless nights at the shop, making chips on the lathe, sanding bondo until your hands bled, and cursing at your laptop next to dyno at 2 A.M. yelling "WHY WON'T YOU START YOU STUPID POS".
    You shoveled the unassembled parts into the back of the trailer the night before you had to leave, and drove across the country on a steady diet of energy drinks, sunflower seeds and beef jerky.
    It took you three tries, but you made it through tech. You did the marketing presentation in the hotel the night before. The halfshaft snapped launching for the acceleration run, but another team welded it for you and you got an autoX run in.
    Somehow, the block held together despite the 300 deg water temps from the undersized cooling package for the first stint, then it was your turn. You got in an pushed the button and your dreams faded as fast as the undersized battery.
    You cursed and punched the dash in frustration, but that only works in the movies. You were so close.

    There's still hope. FSAE autocross glory can be yours. Be the center of attention when you roll up on open test-and-tune day at the local kart track, and get your ego stroked by every hillbilly and every middle school wanna be NASCAR driver who walks up and asks you "dang man, what IS that thing?"

    I have a turn key, ready to rock, FSAE car for sale. It was abandoned and left for dead after the CU administration canceled the FSAE program. It sat outside under a tarp for many months before I took it in and gave it a second chance at life. And now it can be yours.

    The Details:
    -That noise behind your ears is coming from a 07-08 Honda CBR600RR converted to unrestricted. REAL FSAE cars have street bike engines, not those stupid little thumpers. Take the pipe off and you are Schumi in a V12 F1 car.
    -It spun the #3 bearing, so I rebuilt it with a used crank, new rod, and new bearings. I have a few hours of drive time on it since the rebuild with no issues.
    -Got a smaller rear sprocket for taller gearing to make it more driveable, and let me tell you, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour you better be ready to see some serious s**t.
    -New battery in 2015, been on a trickle charger when in storage. Cold starts first time, every time.
    -Ohlins FSAE dampers
    -New rubber coolant hose connections
    -Fresh engine and diff oil
    -All new sphericals in the wishbones
    -Different steering wheel and quick release
    -I had a rear control arm adhesive bond fail, which damaged the carbon arms, so they are all new on the left side. I machined extensions for the aluminum inserts to double the effective surface area. I have a spare piece of carbon.
    -Also had to replace the diff carrier bearing and the inboard axle carrier on the left side from the crash.
    -Changed the diff mounting from bolts to studs to make it easier to get in and out
    -Re designed the shifter and mount and put a new cable in it
    -Replaced the RR wheel bearing
    -JB welded all the leaks in the fuel tank
    -Welded in extra protective tubes under the fuel tank for safety
    -Put a new aluminum fire wall in it and reflectix insulation
    -Stripped and painted the bodywork
    -Fixed the radiator shrouds and added mesh grille
    -Added a fuel pump cut off switch
    -Added an Andersen plug for a jump battery
    -I put in an original Motec ADL which is spliced into the factory harness to get rpm, speed, oil press, etc and also has some analog channels for water temp, brake pressures, and accel. Also has the shift light module.
    -I have a download cable for it but you'll need an older laptop with a parallel port. I bought one on ebay for 25 dollars shipped.
    -Also have the Motec beacon.

    -Spare engine, short block. It has a rod knock (which I found out the hard way when I installed it after spinning the bearing) but its good for all the parts on it like clutch, engine, transmission.
    -I have lots of miscellaneous spares like a fuel pump, fuel rail with injectors, coils, plugs, wheel nuts, sphericals, coolant hoses, wiring, etc.
    -Spare carbon tubing
    -Different rate springs
    -Grill mesh and refletix insulation
    -Two sets of good wheels with old tires
    -One set of wheels with cracked centers but the shells are good if you wanted to machine new centers,
    -One pair of of wider (12" I think?) rear shells that are still new in box and they do fit over the suspension.
    -Jump battery
    -Also have two big boxes of aluminum sheet metal and various steel pieces
    -I'll even through in an extra large fire suit

    Its basically turn key ready to go, all it needs is new tires and a check of the setup. Also, the seat could use some new camlocks, or just pour a bead seat. If you have the means, it could really benefit from a set of metal rear lower control arms.

    When I took apart the diff, I saw the output shafts were plastically deformed in torsion. Not sure when that happened, but they are straight and I've been driving it like that and it held up ok, but just FYI.

    On a few random occasions it wouldn't hot start, which was strange because its all stock. When it acted up we confirmed the injectors were firing, the plugs were firing, and the cam and crank signals were good, so I'm not sure what it is but maybe somebody smarter than me can figure it out. If you let it sit for 10 min and cool off it starts right up again.

    $5000 OBO.

    I would also consider donating it to a new-ish or cash-strapped start up team for free if you can get me a letter from your school for a tax write off. And you have to pinky swear you won't part it out. I'd really like it to stay alive and running after all the work I put into it.

    It is a blast to drive sideways, check it out!



    Send me a PM and I can email or text you some more pictures.

    Your brother in FSAE,


    EDIT 9/24/18 - Price reduced to 5500 OBO

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    wow, sounds just like my story. Here is mine from past weekend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrmAPfplkgk

    I am not interested in purchasing but I would like to see the close up pics of your shifter & clutch setup. What brand cable are you using?
    I have the same engine setup with manual shifting. Yours seems to be really much easier to operate.

    Good luck with the sale.

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    Price lowered to $5000

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    Update: this car has been donated and is no longer available.

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