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Thread: Ilmor Engineering Opportunity

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    Ilmor Engineering Opportunity

    Ilmor Engineering, Inc. seeks qualified applicants for the position of IndyCar Trackside Support Engineer.

    Ilmor Engineering provides discerning customers with the best products. We have a winning heritage in IndyCar, Formula One, Powerboat and NASCAR. Our company sets new standards because our employees are continually inventing ways to make our products
    perform better.

    Applicants for Trackside Support Engineer must be able to:
    travel a minimum of 120 days per year, often on short notice
    understand all aspects of internal combustion engine technology
    perform as part of a diverse team with a common passion for motorsports
    demonstrate common-sense decision making under pressure
    use PC-based calibration tools
    support customers while surviving the outdoor elements found in motorsports

    Duties include engine calibration and data analysis, direct customer support, engineering component failure diagnosis, hands-on issue resolution and prevention on engine mechanical and electronic systems, sensors and software. Trackside engineers develop
    electronics and software, design engine parts, create test rigs and test products. Applicants typically have a professional or hobby-level motorsports background and have the character to get things done.


    A 4-year engineering degree is required

    How to apply?
    Send resume to hr@ilmor.com

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    Ilmor Engineering is hiring! We are looking for a qualified IndyCar Trackside Support Engineers! Please submit resumes to HR@ilmor.com
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