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Thread: car engine for fsae

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    Hi,we people of 12 members from a reputed university are partisipating in fsae 2011.As per the specifications we need an engine with max.displacement of 610 cc.can anybody suggest a best engine ? please share the discussion and reply me as soon as possible.Email me at:gopi_5000@yahoo.in

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    No. Read the stickies (topics in bold at the top). Also the "teams from India" thread.
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    just sleeve a honda b16 1.8 liter engine. that should make loads of power and be light too.

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    Take the old Mercedes V10 6.0L, rip of the twin turbos and 9 cylinders and you have a displacement of 600cc.
    Now take a big bore kit and get this cylinder up to 610cc! Worth the effort, trust me!
    Good power to weight ratio, too

    Cmon! How hard is it to use the "search" button?

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    A) No we will not tell you.

    B) Use the find button at the top of the screen this topic has been discussed MANY times before.
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    You are all starting to sound like Grant Mahler....


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    Clearly the solution is to manufacture a custom crankshaft for a 350 Ci. Chevy that will reduce the displacement to FSAE specs.

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    I think the best solution is to build a V12 out of 12 50cc singles.

    You just have to design a crankshaft and a crankcase. The crankcase should be made of carbon, so it will be quite lightweight.

    If you can only find 2-stroke 50cc engines, that's no problem. Convince the scrutineers that your spark plugs only fire every second revolution. Like that you simulate a four-stroke engine.
    It will cost some points in fuel economy, that you blow out as much fuel out of your exhaust as you are burning in your engine, but who cares.

    With an extra spark plug in your exhaust you will have the most spectacular car at comp.
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    what ever engine you use make sure to put Nitrous on it. Don't forget that eibach, NOS, Skunk and other Parts brands stickers will give 20 HP each.
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    I have found the best engine for FSAE. Attaching a gearbox is somewhat hard but...


    Its flat for a low CG, comes pre-tuned (ish) and the best part is that is runs nitrometh, so you'll get even more power out it. And with 3.2 cubic inches of displacement you'll need it. Better yet though is that it is low power, so a first year team will have no problem driving it.

    One last thing. Make sure you turn the exhausts around. Or make new ones.

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