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Thread: Fsg 2018

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    Fsg 2018

    What: Formula Student Germany
    When: 6-12 August (mon-sun)
    Where: Hockenheimring
    Schedule: Website
    Media: Website Overview
    TV: Youtube
    Timing: Timekeeping website
    Inspection status: Fsg website TIS
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    Super proud of the guys and girls from Zurich Driverless!
    Thanks for saving the competition and showcase, that driverless cars are exciting!

    Still, I think it would be better to change the Trackdrive Event for the next year. It is not really an advertisement for the competition. Potentially we need an AutoX type event with 2-3 laps and more tries so that the teams can really show what they can do.
    No offense to Darmstadt, they made a perfect "save run" but seeing a car driving 2km/h for 40 minutes is just ridiculous.
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    I'm impressed by all the autonomous teams, doing slow safety runs or all out.

    The normal competition seems to throw some potential upsets too, does anyone have an unofficial points summary before endurance is counted?
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    First of all, congratulations to all the winners! It was an impressive competition, with record times in both acceleration and autoX (not sure on skidpad), which shows how much cars and teams have been pushing the boundaries.

    Official results are out, so you can deduct the Endurance scores if you wish. I was impressed (again) by how much the FSG competition is improving from year to year in terms of organization. Coverage was excellent for yet another year as well.

    What was not impressive, was the number of DNFs; one would expect more teams to cross the finish line, especially given the fact that FSG takes place quite late in the European FS season.

    P.S. Anyone knows what happened to TU Fast? The DQ penalty is weirdly worded and it seems unlikely to me that some team (especially a top team) would intentionally mess with their BSPD.
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