Letís get this party started.

Things to look forward to at FSAE-M 2018:
- Endurace lap length extended by ~25% so more cars can fit on the track, may include a bit of the banking from the speedway. Added length will also be more challenging for drivers to memorize.
- Note: photo area will be eliminated and test area is moved. No one will be able to leave from the back gate while endurance is going on!
- FSAE app launches to improve spectator experience and aid teams.
- 2nd year of the 710cc rules. See if any teams try capitalize on larger disp.
- 2nd year of all dynamic events open on Friday.

Returning Top 10:
001 - Stuttgart (seems like itís their comp to lose)
002 - GFR (will challenge for the overall win)
003 - TUG (will also challenge for the top)
005 - Michigan (Turbo power could unseat the Germans)
006 - San Jose (Triumph Triple, no replacement for displacement!)
007 - Minnesota (Newcomers to the Top 10, Amazing finish last year, can they repeat?)
008 - Cornell (More turbo power, defending accel champs, could challenge for the podium)
009 - RIT (A sophisticated package, with some luck they could move up)
010 - Wisconsin (Consistent strong team, big power to weight, might be their year.)

And of course many other teams that had bad luck last year are contenders for the top spots.

Planning to post links to photos, videos and results in this thread. Keep your eyes open.