No question that such a system can allieviate a limited psd spectrum of roadway bumps and holes. Our findings with the Lotus Active and Bose "Voice Coil" actuation were that owners will increase their speed as the apparent confidence in the lower vertical acceleration profile increases. However, taking a 5g vertical jerk on a minimum of just one side of the car calls for large increases in chassis and body structure to contain the required suspension forces. Sure, do the dog leg rising for a speed bump or a tar strip, but extending the spindle at 250 Hz trigger signal will take some downforce. But back to my original questions: HOW MANY JOULES per mile can your afford ? What is the power source ? Gigantic capacitor ? Be sure to warn EMS workers about it. When you try to jump a curb, who wins (tire, wheel, control arm or actuator) ? Need a lot of wheel travel for it. There's going to be some tire scrub and tire wear will play into the cost of ownership.

One neat aspect of such a system is the ability to adjust ride height(s), even to the point of banking roll in a turn.

I would NOT tell the road commissions about the location of potholes. What do you expect a high end purchaser to feel, if they find out their car is paving the way (so to speak) to fix roads so other vehicle owners will ride better ? That's like me buying a county snow plow so I can get to work during a blizzard. Will everybody want to leap out and buy a snow plow ?

I've worked on two active systems, one was a fluid leaking software nightmare. The other was cool but was too costly and gulped too much energy to be acceptable to range conscious owners. Weight is an issue too, not just for the substitute parts but for the chassis structure to hold onto the loads. And then there will be warranty costs and of course the ambulance chasers. "My client assumed you could jump the Grand Canyon with their new Ferrari and look what they turned into". (a vegetable is worse=lifetime cost of ownership). Its Big Science of course, and all the OEM will want to try it out. But just like Shark Tank, "I'm out". Oh, and NBC ? Ha, Ha, Ha, I saw them blow up gas tanks with rocket engines, remember ? They proved that it actually takes several tries to burn down a truck...

nusquam est vere novus. (Help me, I sound like Z).