Dear Madam/Sir,

I received offers from Cranfield University for their MSc in Automotive Engineering course and from Oxford Brookes University for their MSc in Motorsport Engineering course.

I am not sure which of the courses I should choose. My goal is to design chassis and suspension for race cars, and I am trying to decide which of the above courses will help me get there.

On one hand, Cranfield is the better university (high rank), their locatation is in the middle of the motorsport scene in England, and they have great connections with the industry. On the other hand, students from Oxford Brookes do participate in FSAE competitions (which is something I wasn't able to do during my undergraduate studies), and the core modules of the course are a better fit to what I want to study.

It should be noted that I did apply to Cranfield's MSc in Advanced Motorsport Engineering but failed to receive an offer.

Is there anyone here who can help me regarding which offer should I accept?

Any help will be much appreciated.
Kind regards,