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Thread: Flow reversal in side pods??

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    Flow reversal in side pods??

    Every side pod design i place into Ansys without radiator CAD appears to have a very high pressure region at the inlet. Is this normal? How do i resolve this??

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    Are you modelling your sidepod as a closed volume, or is there somewhere for fluid to exit through?

    Could you intruduce yourself, and provide a more thorough explanation of what you're seeing? Your constraints, element choices, etc.

    You will be very unlikely to find anyone who will do your homework for you here, so to speak.

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    Its a fully formed sidepod designed virtually as if it were real. So fluids pass through it.
    The pod is placed in a boundary that simulates an open environment where the pod appears to be moving at 15m/s.

    I got in touch with a Masters year student who originally taught me CFX and it may just appear that my mesh was a little too lax..

    I was not asking for anyone to do this project for me. I simply asked whether the conditions i were experiencing were normal; plus any material or advise on what causes flow reversal and how to remedy it. [such remedies could be bleed vents however i cannot source any material on the design].

    Do not think that every person who asks a question is expecting you to do their entire project, literally handing over reference material is all that is needed. I dont know what your experience is here but it doesnt sound pleasent..

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    I will preface this by saying that I haven't touched CFD in some time, but hopefully I can provide some sanity checks to help you identify if what you're seeing is "real" or some modeling/boundary condition error, as well as some higher-level questions for cooling system design...

    Is the high pressure area high enough to cause actual flow reversal, or does air still flow through the side pod?
    If you have higher pressure at inlet than outlet, doesn't that indicate that you have flow through the side pod in the correct direction? If so, how much? Is it enough?
    Does your side pod design expand or contract? Will you use a radiator fan? Does it have a shroud?
    How often will you go 15m/s on a Formula SAE autocross or endurance course?
    Do you need a sidepod to keep the engine cool? Or just to make it look cool?
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