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Thread: SAE Detroit Section FSAE and Formula Hybrid Workshop

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    SAE Detroit Section FSAE and Formula Hybrid Workshop

    The Detroit Section of the SAE will be holding its 2017 Fall Workshop for FSAE and FH teams on Saturday, September 30th at Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan.
    To register, go to:

    For returning team members, the topics that we will cover include:
    - 2018 Rules Changes for FSAE and FH,
    - Tires and TTC Data with Doug Milliken
    - Suspension & Steering Design by Mahesh Umasankar of Pratt & Miller
    - 1-D Engine Modeling by Mark Claywell of GM
    - Engine Calibration Part 1 by Peter Kuechler of Ford.
    - Frame Design 101 by Brandon Horsch of Pratt & Miller
    - Welding by Carl Occhialini, Lincoln Welding, retired
    - Aerodynamics by Greg Fadler of FCA
    - Vehicle Simulation by Jeff Chrstos of The Center for Automotive Research at OSU.

    For newer team members, we will also cover:
    - The Design Process with Andy Vrenko of Ford Racing
    - Sponsorship with Adam Zemke
    - Safety by Michael Royce
    - Team Organization and Project Management by Kristina Vujic and Adam Niner of GM
    - The Business Logic Case with Adam Zemke

    The welding session with Carl Occhialini is planned as a hands-on session, and hence will only be able to take a (TBD) limited number of students. Therefore, early registration is recommended. Also, these students need to bring some short pieces of tubing, notched and fitted, on which to practice.

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    We will also have a session on meeting the noise tests by someone from Denso.

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    Mr Royce, any plans of making the presentations publicly available after the event?

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    We have asked all the presenters if you are willing t have their presentations uploaded to the SAE Detroit Section web site. We have not heard back from all of them at this time.

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