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Thread: Basis for custom daq system

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    Basis for custom daq system

    Looking into building a custom data acquisition system mostly for personal development, not necessarily for competition but would be tested on fsae car once/if completed. the whole thing is pretty broad right now as i'm just starting to think about it so i don't have a lot of specifics other than i want store data and then output that to computer and build a front end to visualize that data in matlab.

    Anyone have suggestions for an affordable platform to use. don't want an off the shelf like aim, motec, etc.... want to program the daq and use matlab or something else to process/display data in useful form.

    haven't really found many examples using anything besides arduino or myrio. anything else out there worth considering?

    something along the lines of this is what i'm thinking....

    any help appreciated

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    My Chump team built a RasPi DAQ a few years ago. It was super easy to read in all of the gauge voltages, tack on GPS and 9 DOF modules, etc. The reason we went with a RasPi over an Arduino was for the capability to expand to weirder hardware / complete live telemetry. There are implementations for 900mHz radios with arduino, but a few years ago it was quickly soaking up the processing bandwidth to read the data, log the data, perform basic channel maths and log that, and then run the communications through an arduino. Plus, visualizing data is way easier in a python environment than in an arduino environment. If you want a DIY dash, write one up in python and plug in a screen into the RasPi.
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    Thanks Jay. certainly helpful.

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