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Thread: New Web Service to help Motorsport Engineers find paid/voluntary work

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    Lightbulb New Web Service to help Motorsport Engineers find paid/voluntary work

    Hi Guys,

    I was part of the Coventry University formula student teams many years ago. Here is a photo from my year of competition. That's me sat on the rear wheel. I was responsible for all the marketing aspects (sponsorship, website, presentations, etc).


    Since completing my Motorsport Engineering degree I have worked in Sales and Marketing for motorsport electronics suppliers. I am currently Sales & Marketing Director for Race-Keeper UK who make HD video data-logging systems (www.race-keeper.com).

    Anyway, enough about all that, its not why I am here. Over the weekend I created a new website dedicated to helping motorsport engineers find work. It's called Pitlane Industries (www.pit-in.co.uk) and I encourage those of you who wish to gain real world experience working for a team to sign up. No pressure though.

    All the best

    Matthew Poat

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    Very cool Matthew, thanks for sharing! Are you intending to fucus your recruitment of available positions just in Europe?

    Northwestern Formula Racing Alum
    Head Engineer, Frame/Suspension 2006-2009

    My '73 Saab 99 Road Race Build

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    Hi Drew,

    If I become aware of any non-european positions and the company in question is willing to have them listed on my website, I am not opposed to it. The only reason that the majority of users and jobs are european located is because that is where the majority of my existing contacts are based.


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