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Thread: Quick jacks & Lifting car onto jack stands

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    Quick jacks & Lifting car onto jack stands

    Hi guys. I'm hoping someone can give me some links or advice on my FSAE major project.
    It seams incredibly trivial, but I'm looking at lifting devices, dollys, jacks etc. for FSAE.
    Trivial, but we (UTAS) just use 5 people to lift our ~250kg car (if Claude Rouelle is reading, it's actually 149kg) onto low or high jack stands.
    We dropped the car at competition. Some people have bad backs... if someone hurts themselves I'm sure the uni will shut everything down.

    It is incredibly hard to google quick jacks or lifts for FSAE! Any help appreciated.

    Bits I will design / make:
    • rear quick jack (using jacking bar)
    • front quick jack, linkage style somehow lifting chassis, not wing
    • dolly / jack stands
    • lifting method to get car higher, without back strain
    • device to lift ~50kg battery so each person sees less than 25kg
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    I understand the liability with the University concern. We have a large enough team that we can make sure we only use able-bodied lifters but a small team doesn't have that ability to choose.

    I think the easiest option is to just buy a motorcycle or atv scissor lift and modify the top to fit your car. We like to support the car by the chassis and we will typically strap the car down to the stands if people are going to be crawling around underneath it at all.

    These kinds of lifts often have an option for wheels or casters, and they are typically able to lift ~300kg to ~600kg depending on the model.
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    Why not something Different.

    4 high lift drones (coordinated under a single controller). Move it anywhere.

    REALLY BIG tires. Why lift it when it comes already equipped ?

    Exhaust driven balloon. Will force engine team to be on time.

    JLG Skyhook. A whooping crane can load your driver, too.

    Backhoe: Don't raise the car, lower the pit (so to speak).

    Maglev: Rough on credit cards, but not those now equipped with a chip.

    Celebration helium balloons. Quaint, but good for the environment.

    Human-like robots: Maybe you could teach it to drive.

    Kangaroo warriors. I've heard they can carry tools in their pouch, too.

    I'm sure there are a few more options that can be arranged. Some involving bathing suits or bikinis (better).

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    Previously we used two ATV lifts (one for the front and one for the back), worked a treat and one of the team members worked at the local auto parts store so it was nice and cheap
    http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/Pro...t-680kg/284935 for reference.

    However a "motorcycle hydraulic lift table" (http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/Pro...e-450kg/377786) looks ideal. May need a bit TLC to make it stable and suitable for a FSAE car but castors, hydraulics and all the other add on junk ready to go!
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