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...but the top end of the UK cars was still very high!
None of the three teams that always quibble over who is the 'Best UK Team' managed to finish endurance.
None of the eventual top 3 were in the top 30 last year. We shouldn't judge the teams from this year by their predecessor's performance, but that's still a remarkable statistic.
More telling: on a comparable track, the fastest UK teams drove pretty comparable autocross times to what they did last year... when the fastest UK team came 20th, being a bit over 6 seconds slower than the fastest non-UK team.

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I don't believe the UK people ever said they 'didn't care' about the high quality visitors
Maybe not, but actions speak louder, and the organizers have proven uniquely unresponsive to feedback over the years.

That being said, I wish them all the best, I always enjoyed coming to Silverstone.