Title: Tire Force and Moment Expert
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is seeking a talented engineer to join our global Tire-Vehicle System Dynamics Team. As a member of the exciting and diverse Global Technical Center (Findlay, OH), you will collaborate with internal teammates and customers in our three regional technical centers (US, China, England) in the design and implementation of tire force and moment tests, and in the correlation of tire behavior with vehicle dynamics and tire design.
We are a very nimble and open-minded organization, so your responsibilities will not be limited by our pre-conceived ideas. If you bring ideas and methods that are new to us, we will give you every opportunity to expand our "toolbox" and your responsibilities. You will have plenty of growth opportunities within Cooper, including the possibility of taking international assignments.
Outside of "normal Cooper", you will be invited to engage in the many community outreach and service activities that Cooper conducts. These include, but are not limited to our Dream It, Do It campaign, that teaches hundreds of kids about careers in manufacturing, our very active United Way campaign, and the many science and engineering camps that we conduct for kids of all ages.

Job Specific Duties
• Design and implement tire force and moment (F&M) tests that are relevant to specific customer needs such as certain handling maneuvers.
• Coordinate Cooper's US-based "Flat Trac" testing options, including Cooper's share of an MTS CT+, as well as external testing resources.
• Characterize F&M data using models such as Pacejka, B-spline, etc. Understand strengths and limitations of various models.
• Extract Force and Moment metrics from data and models. Work with internal customers to help them understand how to use F&M data.
• Use various data acquisition systems in concert with F&M testing and vehicle testing.
• Maintain proprietary and commercial software related to F&M data.

Basic Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Aerospace or Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, or similar
• Experience with tire Force and Moment testing
• Understanding of strengths and limitations of various Flat-Trac type machines
• Experience with vehicle dynamics, including running simple simulations such as 2 and 3 DoF models to extract vehicle dynamic metrics
• Experience with CarSim, ADAMS or similar
• Experience with signal processing - filtering, sampling and modes of communication (Analog, Digital and CAN)
• Proficiency in scientific programming with either Matlab or Python, including the ability to create user-friendly GUI's

Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience with relations between tire design and Force and Moment
• Subjective assessment of vehicle-tire systems
• The right to work legally in the USA

Cooper Tire is an equal employment opportunity employer. We strive to recruit, develop and retain top candidates by providing an engaging culture and strategic advancement opportunities. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, status as an individual with a disability or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

Interested candidates can email me at skattravanam'at'coopertire.com