Hello everyone,

I have just graduated my B.Sc in mechanical engineering, specialize in automotive engineering.

I want to apply for a master's degree in automotive engineering (2018), and as a part
of the research I'm doing online, I thought that it might be helpful to open this thread.

At first, I was thinking that USA and Canada are good options for me, and it looked like
the university of Michigan is a great option.


Unfortunately, I have found that the fees are really high (for overseas students) and it might be
better to study about automotive... in Germany or UK.

As for now I found two options that I liked:

1) M.Sc in Automotive Engineering - RWTH Aachen University, Germany (taught in English).


2) M.Sc Advanced Motorsport Engineering - Cranfield University, UK.


They do have a master's degree in automotive engineering as well:


Some other options:

1) M.Sc Motorsport Engineering - Oxford Brookes University, UK.


And M.Sc in automotive engineering:


2) M.Sc in Automotive and Motorsport Engineering - Brunel University, UK.


3) M.Sc Automotive Engineering - Coventry University - UK.


I've been searching for quite time now, and I would say that as for now I really liked the degrees
in RWTH Aachen and Cranfield.

Considering these two options, it's seems like the syllabus in Advanced Motorsport Engineering is more suitable
for what I want to study. I am aware that one might think that it can be a bad idea to do a master's degree
in a specific field instead of a master's degree in mechanical engineering, I am just checking my options.

I've been looking for some reviews and alumni who have experience with a master's degree in automotive
engineering. I would love to hear from someone who have graduated one of the courses above or
might have some good/bad experience with one of the universities.
Considering our forum's community, I thought that I might find someone here that was in this situation before.

I would like to hear suggestions and any additional information about these courses/universities or any other
courses/universities that might be suitable.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance for any help,
Kind Regards.