I'm installing Earl's Speed Seal Hose Ends onto their braided/Teflon Speed-Seal Hose, in the -3AN diameter, for use as brake lines. There's this little brass ring (called the olive) that pushes up onto the end of the hose and the brass is supposed to go over the OD of the Teflon tube, and under the ID of the stainless braid. I've watched all the internet videos that I can find, and even bought the braid-spreader tool that Earl's sells (so I understand the importance of spreading the braid off of the Teflon tube). My problem is pushing the Teflon tube far enough into the brass olive. Inside the olive there is a little "ramped" barb, and I think you are supposed to push the Teflon tube past this barb until it bottoms out on the brass flat. The tube goes in easily up to the barb, but it is very difficult to push past the barb. The only way I've managed to do it (in several tries) is to chamfer the OD of the end of the Teflon tube slightly with an xacto knife, then bang that olive against a flat immobile surface for a half hour getting only thousands of an inch of moment with each bang.

That method got the tube to go all the way in to the flat, but I worry that I'm beating the end of the tube to death. There must be some trick that I'm missing.

Note that I am careful to have a clean 90 degree cut on the end of the tube (made with an angle grinder/abrasive cut off wheel). Also, I'm careful to keep the tube aligned axial to the olive, so my problem isn't one of misalignment. I've tried multiple hose ends, and I am 100% sure that everything I purchased is -3AN Earl's speed-seal and speedflex products which should work together.