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Thread: Chassis supporting

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    Chassis supporting

    Hi... I'd like to ask if the red member in the chassis in image (1) need support member ?

    In image (2) ...if i weld engine support member(the yellow member) in the red member like pic i need support So Is the support i made in green color is permissible and right ?

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    The red member in the first Picture is not defined in the rules. Therefore you don't Need any Support to be rules compliant. But if you want to add an engine Mount as in the second Picture you should add it, otherwise the structure will be too weak.

    If you add only one member which Ends on the main hoop bracing, you add a bending load to the bracing. Therefore you Need the second member to Support that load to the upper member of the side Impact structure. From a quick look, it seems to be ok. But official answers you can only get from the rules committee of the Event you want to take part at.
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