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Thread: the tolerance of tube size

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    the tolerance of tube size

    first of all ; what i want to say next it just a discussion . When i read in learn and compete book i found this (there is a tolerance in size of tubes )
    page (34)
    what i want to ask about is What is the limit of tolerance ?; For example i know that the minimum dimension of side impact tubes are OD=25.4mm & thickness= 1.65mm
    say i bought tubes that meet the minimum requirement dimension (25.4mm & 1.65mm) and after i cut it i found that the thickness of tube equal 1.5mm because of manufacturing process that mention in the
    (learn and compete book ) and i weld that tubes in chassis Is that will cause the chassis to be eliminated form competition ??
    I read that using tubes with thickness less than 1.2 mm is prohibited and cause the chassis to be eliminated from competition Is using tubes with wall thickness = 1.5 mm instead of 1.65 will have the same result
    Or the judges will understand this and recognize it ??
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    The rules are not giving any room for tolerances in this case. The Minimum requirements have to be met - that's it. Therefore you Need to check the tubes you bought before welding them into your Chassis to make sure you end up with a rules compliant Chassis.
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    No tolerance with safety

    2 years ago at Formula Student India a team did not pass the technical inspection for that exact reason reason. I do not remember for sure what was missing but I think their roll hoop tube was 25.0 instead of 25.4 mm. You can't have tolerances especially when it is about safety.

    That being said, that team did something impressive. They cut the chassis, manufactured a new roll hoop with the right tube dimension, re welded it and showed up -successfully - for tech the next day. Amazing.
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