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Thread: Question about accumulators and accumulator containers/mounting

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    Question about accumulators and accumulator containers/mounting

    Our team's battery packs are quite robust themselves. The design has been developed over the past two years and we are wondering whether or not they themselves qualify as "accumulator containers" under the rules EV 2.3, EV 2.4, EV 2.5.
    The cells and conductive materials are all enclosed by aluminum sheets and plates and have plates that guard conductive materials from splash while still allowing for sufficient airflow.
    The packs also have a mounting method that fulfills the rules for mounting. We would greatly appreciate some feedback, and if you need a cad model or another image of the assembly then we can provide that.
    Again, we are just wondering whether or not we will need an additional container for the battery packs. Pack Assembly.jpgPack Assembly 2.jpg

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    There's so much room for activities!

    Are you relying on friction to hold the frame together? If so, instant fail.
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    You'll want to send your question to the rule's committee for their blessing.
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    The frame of the pack appears to be made using 8020 extrusions. If you're using the standard 8020 fasteners then the only thing holding together the frame is friction. My advice is to replace any such joints with something better.
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