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Thread: Master kill switch installation

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    Master kill switch installation

    The primary master switch must:
    a. Be located on the (driverís) right side of the vehicle, in proximity to the Main Hoop, at shoulder
    height and be easily actuated from outside the car.

    I have a doubt about this rule, the term shoulder height in this rule is pointing towards the shoulder height of the driver or a person standing next to the car. Since the height of main hoop is quite below the shoulder level of a person standing next to the car (also depends on the height of the person), the rule seems a bit vague. Is it against the rule to mount master kill switch in proximity to main hoop, at shoulder height of driver?

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    This is referring to the drivers shoulder height. Just use google images to look at other FSAE cars. You'll quickly see that all master kill switches are located right behind the main roll hoop directly behind the drivers shoulders.
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