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Thread: 2017 FSUK Competiton & FS East Entry List

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thijs View Post
    Yup, it's pretty brutal, although I guess we sort of saw it coming.
    1. I was kind of surprised by the relative enthusiasm from Nordic teams, compared to their neighbors directly to the south: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland bring a total of 8 teams.
    It has always been like this. We are much better at English than German, so I think it is natural to feel drawn to FSUK. Nordic teams regards this as their "home race", and some teams even only compete at FSUK.
    Also, In Norway at least, Silverstone is a much better marketing term than the other venues.
    Regarding this "boycott", I think the Nordic teams are simply out of the loop compared to the "German cluster". For most teams it does not really matter either if the competitiveness isn't the highest, since a top 5/10/x finish will still be considered a good result.

    Revolve NTNU should on paper be hard to beat, since they are using the default "OP" electric car concept. They have a history of both botching endurance in weird ways and receiving magic penalties in UK, so you never now.
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    The biggest image problem the competition has is going to get a lot worse this year.

    Historically a 50-60% drop-out rate in Endurance can be expected. Although most people can associate that with a half, and then rationalise it by saying at least half of the cars finished.

    When that figure goes up to 75%, it's not going to look good.

    There is now a question to be asked, for those teams that are now in with a chance of taking home a trophy:
    Do you push your team and car to the limits to try to score the most points possible to try to get a win?
    Do you build your car like a tank so it doesn't break down, focus on scoring well in statics, and watch the majority of your competitors overwork themselves to an early bath, while you glide comfortably in to a top 5 finish?
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    Agree with almost every comment made in this thread. IMO the fact that East, FS Italy and FSUK dates are the same did not help (FS Italy still has open slots in the Electric class!!). We had FSUK and FSG planned for this year since mid-2015, as we operate in a 2-year cycle without major changes. To be honest, we were expecting some teams boycotting FSUK, but not this, which makes us feel weird. Given the fact though that the plan had been communicated with both the Uni and sponsors a while now, we withdraw from East, keeping FSUK. For this year at least....

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