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Thread: 2017 FSUK Competiton & FS East Entry List

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    2017 FSUK Competiton & FS East Entry List

    After the British GP was moved back a week, the FSUK competition was forced to move and as such falls on the same weekend as the FS East competition.

    Looking at the registration list for FS East it looks like many teams have deserted FSUK in favour of FS East.

    This thread isn't designed to hate on FSUK, as a 4x competitor and now 1x judge of the competition I honestly wish it the best of luck. But I thought it was worth pointing out on here that clearly the damage done in last year's UK competition appears to have had a lasting effect.

    Since you have to submit an application to FSUK very early on (early December I think?) I believe it's likely that there will be many teams entered in both competitions, and this could lead to a high drop-out rate in one or the other. I would be keen to hear from some current team members and see what their intentions are before I submit my application to volunteer to judge at UK again, as I probably won't bother if the top teams won't be there.

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