Hello FSAE Members,

Chris Brown will be teaching a one day seminar on basic and intermediate functions of the MoTec logger systems in Indianapolis just before the PRI show.
Chris worked at MoTec for 15 years, and now works as a freelance DAG/Engineer/Consultant in various racing series.
The course is aimed at PWC teams who use the spec MoTec scrutineering logger, so any I would recommend this to any FSAE student looking for
a nice point on their resume who seek to work as a DAG in PWC or on any other team which uses a MoTec system.
The normal price is $350, but there are 4 spots left he would like to fill.
He asked me to post here to offer the class to any interested FSAE members for $200.

If interested, RSVP to cb@cb-racing.com

Also see www.squigglylines.com for more info about upcoming seminars that Chris and I will be offering the future.

I will be at the Audi Sport customer racing booth at PRI, so if anybody is attending, please feel free to stop by and say hello!

PWC Training Seminar.... Before the PRI Show

"How to use your MoTeC Software for PWC teams"

A full day training seminar covering all of the basics to getting started with your MoTeC Logger. The class
teaches you how to use the MoTeC software to setup, download and analyze your data.

A printed notebook of the slides discussed is provided to each participant and utilized during the
class for taking notes.

Participants are required to bring their own laptops. Laptops should have the latest released
versions of software installed prior to the class, which can be downloaded from www.motec.com.
PC laptops only, sorry no macs. Software used during the class include:
o i2 Standard V1.1.2.0544
o C125 Dash Manager V1.91B4

The software functions learned in this class apply equally to i2 Pro and all other versions of dash manager
software for the C127, C185, L120 or L180. Topics covered in the class include:
details editor
managing data files
downloading data
sensor input calibration
CAN & GPS setup
lap times, beacon setup
logging setup
display setup
shift lights
alarm setup
i2 worksheet setup
i2 graph setup
i2 track mapping
i2 section timing
PWC compliance checking

Location: Hampton Inn & Suites - Indianapolis Airport
9020 Hatfield Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46231
(317) 856-1000

Day: Wednesday, December 7th

Time: 8:15am - 5:00pm

Cost: $200 per person