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Thread: AFR Notice of Intent

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    AFR Notice of Intent

    I am MAC Formula Electric's chassis lead and have a couple questions about the AFR Notice of Intent.

    1) I just want to clarify that the load cases we run the sample frame (from the notice of intent document) through are the load cases from the AF rules, and not a separate set of load cases posted somewhere else.
    2) Some of those load cases are on the seatbelt harness connection points. The AFR sample frame does not have any seatbelt points defined.
    3) The Notice of Intent document also says:
    "d) Mononocoque attachments must be documented in the SES per rules T3.40"
    Is this necessary for the AFR Notice of Intent since it is not a monocoque, but a space frame?
    4) Are we allowed to model the tubes as 1D beams? Or must we model them as 2 or 3D elements and model their connections?
    Our team has built CFRP monocoques for the last 4 years but never done AFR, so we don't have much knowledge left around about manufacturing or modelling the nodes of a spaceframe.



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    Standard caveat that you should ask the rules committee, however I did this many times and the phase lag between question and response is quite high, so here's some hints

    1) Correct - use AF load cases from rules
    2) Correct again. Pick some that make sense and run with it
    3) Not necessary, they don't give you enough info anyway
    4) What's the fidelity you need to accurately represent the problem? Don't want to tell you what to do because a) there's no right answer and b) the purpose of the intent submission is not to get a "right answer", it's to see how much you understand.

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    I have submitted the same questions to the rules committee, but I thought I might get a faster response on here - and I have!
    Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated!

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