Hey Everyone, hope you are enjoying this awesome fall!

At Ilmor our goal is to make new breakthroughs in the Indycar, ARCA and TranAm series, to produce repeatable results in performance that
annihilates the competition. We have a passion for high performance and we know that everyone here does too.

Ilmor has traditionally kept a closed shop. Not allowing individuals to come in and view our facility, even when interviewing.

We are interested to see what you, the engineers that race and bleed oil and performance would think about Ilmor conducting an Open House for
talented individuals to come and meet our team. We want to remain a closed shop for proprietary and Intellectual rights, but our organization is very
family like, and we feel that it may be beneficial to open our 'home' to the free thinking next generation of automotive engineers. After all, you are the next generation and we do this as much for our customers as we do it for you.

Please let me know what you think, what your questions are, and what you are doing now. I am very interested in the results this forum brings.