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Thread: Percy Legs question

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    Percy Legs question

    Hi all,

    I am attempting to shorten our frame and am unfamiliar with the way Percys legs are used in competition. From what I remember Percy does not have legs
    in the real life model. Can anyone confirm how Percys legs are treated and can the driver bend his knees to pass this rule? This past year our legs were
    straight and reached the pedal faces, this year I would like to allow the drivers knees to be bent but need clarification on the rule to make sure this is ok.

    Thank you,

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    Part C of Rule T3.10.4 says:
    "The bottom 200 mm circle will be placed on the seat bottom such that the distance between the
    center of this circle and the rearmost face of the pedals is no less than 915 mm (36 inches)."

    Read the rules and you too can become a winner!


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    The 915 mm between the center of the lower 200 mm circle (Percy's hips) and the pedal DOES take into account Percy having bent legs.

    This dimension is the same for FSAE (Fig. 2 of FSAE Rules) and Formula Hybrid (Fig. 5 of FH Rules). We have included a picture (Fig. 6) in the Formula Hybrid Rules to show that this dimension does takes into account bent legs.

    I was going to attach the picture but it is too big for the Forum.

    To put things in bluntly, you MUST have a minimum of 915 mm between Percy's "H Point" and the pedals, or you will NOT pass scrutineering and you will not run!

    Michael Royce.

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    To clarify from what is above, the 915mm percy distance PLUS the fact you have to pass the leg template through the front of the chassis up to the pedals is what gives Percy knees. The 915mm measurement of Percy gives the length dimension and the height of the leg template gives the height dimension.
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