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Thread: Sampling rate for sensor

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    Hi Claude, I did your course on Melbourne about ten years ago, at Motec. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I'm with the Griffith Racing Team here in Australia now, hopefully I'll get to meet you again some time.

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    Jay, if you have been directly involved with Indian students for an extended period of time, you'll understand where Claude's comments come from.
    I went to a school where over 70% of the program was filled with international students from India. (I am not exaggerating the number)
    After observing and experiencing their learning style, approach to problems and most importantly their ethics, I've become very pessimistic about the school's act on promoting the program overseas.
    Most of them treated copying each others assignments and labs as normal. I have been approached by numerous strangers I've never met in my life at the library and cafeteria asking "Can I borrow (copy) your labs?"
    And when I say "No." most of the responses are either "Why?" or "Please just 5 minutes bro". and I'VE NEVER MET THOSE GUYS BEFORE IN MY LIFE.
    What the hell do I say to that???

    In my final year I worked as a research assistant and had the chance to supervise more than a handful of those Indian students for their shop projects and run tutorial for the courses that my supervisor taught.
    Claude's expression towards the Indian education system is 100% superimposed with my own experience.
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    Yeah, I know, I've been approached by random Indian students (and professionals...) and been asked for 'the answer' on several occasions in the past. It sucks and I don't believe I have the power to do anything about it. That being said, when I've been asked questions by people who haven't done any work, I usually treat them as I would treat a stranger (with default respect and try to steer them in the right direction). Maybe Claude and Z are assholes in real life, or maybe they'd approach questions/people with more humility, I don't know. Either way, it is of course a persons' right to be a dick on the internet, so dick away, if it makes you feel better

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    Sometimes it is better to shut up and just let the matter lie.

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