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Thread: Sprocket and tyre size

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    Sprocket and tyre size

    We used a 52 teeths sprocket with dry tyres. The wheels we used were 195/50 R13. This year we are switching to R10 wheels and semi slicks. I did some work on which sprocket to use. Just wanted an advice from you guys about the different methods that can be used to decide a sprocket.
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    Hi, please use exactly 3.1415926535 teeth. Your team will take the 1st place easy.
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    No, no, you need a cvt and some proper black magic to take the 1st place!

    Have you tried the search option?
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    Have you at least tried to calculate the ratios yourself? If you try to take the easy way and just ask on this forum without putting any effort in the issue yourself, don't expect to get proper answers. People will react the way the first response was.

    This isn't even a real hard thing to figure out. It's just some basic math...
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    Think before asking

    Again another example of questions coming from a student that demonstrates a poor education system where most of the teachers just ask the students during exams to regurgitates what they did read (read not analyze) during courses and to fill in the blank of an exam sheet.
    No creativity. No parallel thinking. Just "sir give me the input and the formula and I will give you the output". If the student has the courage to go that far because the other solution is of course "tell me what to do".

    Intelligence is the ability to find a solution to a problem you never encountered before. (A. Einstein). Use your intelligence sum_1.

    Also introduce your self. Just a matter of politeness.
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