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Thread: Ricardo Wave discussion

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    Ricardo Wave discussion

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    Hi everyone, this time we are learning to use ricardo wave and i was assigned to do it. Since due to very limited supply of study materials and videos i got stuck in a place. I was tring to run simulation on a simple 4 stroke single cylinder engine. While it asks for fuel input but i have already given it. Still the error persists. I have attached the two screenshots of it. Please help me out.
    Thank You

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    I could be wrong, because I cant quite tell from your pic, but it looks like the Injector isn't actually connected to the intake duct. Left click and drag to that duct. There should be a thin line that connects them. There is an example file, of a 4 stroke, 4 cylinder engine that should be located in....
    Program Files\Ricardo 2014\2014.1\Products\WAVE\Examples\Engines
    I think its a good way to get a model running quickly.

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