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Thread: 2016 FSAE-A Australasian Competition

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    Sounds good, Z.

    I don't know how many volunteers the FSAE-A competition has. In Germany there are usually plenty of volunteers, so no need for free student labor.
    If there is an issue about workforce, let's do that.

    Looking at the old days of Europe, each (at least top) team had a guy sitting at SkidPad and Accel and writting down times of the competition. Just offering a "global" live timing like FSG or FSA would reduce the need of these people drastically.
    Additionally it helps the competition globally if the whole world can follow the timing.
    Let's use the workforce for that and offer it to everyone that wants to have it

    Additionally, it would be always awesome to have water in the pits. Students drink way too little during a competition day, make mistakes, etc. That's stupid.

    Other jobs are probably found on the go
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    In the last paragraph was the article serious when it stated "import only market" ??

    I know this isn't the correct thread to ask this, but I guess I might get the most relevant answer here . . .

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    We have some small scale manufacturers, but basically yeah... we will be an import only market. We used to have Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford and Holden (at least). We then had a mining boom that helped us 'survive' the GFC, but also pushed prices of everything up. People then spent more money on big houses and other unnecessary crap and demanded inflated wages and of course the unions made all that worse and then the government started subsidising when people realised that Commodores and Falcons weren't very good and stopped buying them, and on and on it went!

    A similar thing occurred in the US, where protectionism created a generation of comparatively awful cars, but luckily for some US manufacturers I guess they were too big to fail, so the government stepped in until they got their shit sorted.
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    With the competition 40ish days away, any news from down under? Eagerly waiting to see the new breed of cars, as FSAE-A has produced some of the most interesting/original FSAE vehicles ever.

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    UQ Racing launched our two cars last night. It has been a challenge this year as the majority of the team are fresh to FSAE. The concepts for both of these vehicles were only laid out 10 months ago.

    IC: R6, hybrid chassis, dual beam axle, rubber springs, mechanically mode separated suspension, full aero with split rear wing and front side wings.

    EV: Folded aluminium panel chassis, direct acting all round, rear beam with unsprung mounted emrax motors individually driving both rear wheels using gates polychains, 10" fronts/13" rears.

    Both cars are completely different with the only common student designed component being the front brake rotors.
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    Check, and check again.

    Then check a few more times...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Z View Post


    Check, and check again.

    Then check a few more times...

    No hydro for monash any more?

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    Yeah, was wondering what led to that decision. I have a feeling that teams were running earlier last year than this one. However I have seen some cars running, and looking particularly fast.

    Monash, UQ, UTAS as well as the new electric boys (Auckland and Cantebury) look really really strong

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    Yep, no hydro for Monash this year. Gone for simplicity and reliability after a tough Europe campaign. Hydro is difficult to get consistent each testing day. Plus needed more driver seat time.

    From what I have heard and seen, Canterbury will go in this comp with a decent chance to win.
    Testing with Monash they were slightly slower but with better accel times and efficiency could easily put money on them to take it out. They are also great with statics.

    Curtin was also slightly slower than Monash at the netball courts the other day but they build reliable cars so endurance could be their shot.

    MUR is apparently driving but not sure if they have had a lot of actual testing time. Good drivers from last year so they should be a chance for autox and enduro again.

    RMITe is up and about, not sure how they will go against the quick drivers and 4wd of Canterbury though.
    No word on RMITc though, last pictures on Facebook were of a nice new shiny turbo a few weeks ago.
    Keen to see how their wings look as they've done some impressive research into it this year.

    Auckland have been struggling to get their first electric car going, saw a video of it working the other day (on stands) so fingers crossed those guys get it on the tarmac.

    UTAS looking like their car is working reliable with a few driving videos up lately.

    QUT coming down with their electric car, been a few years in the making but looks amazing in the photos.

    No idea how UQ c & e are travelling, launch pics look great though.

    No ECU-R this year unfortunately but I think a few guys are coming down for a look at the comp.

    UWA-M were still busy building their car last week (put up some excellent facebook live of their workshop) so hopefully they get to comp and drive.
    Looks to be an iteration of their wild innovative concept of last year.

    My dark horse is Wollongong. Have some awesome drivers and a 4cyl winged car that has been testing from August(? correct me if I'm wrong).
    Went close last year to winning autox and would have gone great in enduro if they didn't beach it on the kerb for a couple of minutes. Skidpad and accel times were also quick.

    The testing day at Oakleigh was held yesterday with 7 teams driving. Don't have times yet.

    Forecast to be fine 19-21°C Sat/Sun so more cars should finish this year given the lower temps.
    Also live stream is up again for the comp! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDEdq2C8j0s
    Monash should be doing some Facebook live videos (as will other teams since a few used it for launch) plus hopefully some twitter updates.
    Ryan Ockerby
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    Thanks for the insight Ryan! Seems that quite a lot of e-teams have done a leap forward this year, which is great!

    Here are some photos from the Monash FB page:

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