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Thread: TSEL and rear wing

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    TSEL and rear wing

    For the (electric) rules stating that the Tractive System Energized Light might be visible from all directions:

    EV9.1.5 The TSEL must be clearly visible from every horizontal direction, (except for the small angles
    which are covered by the main roll hoop) even in very bright sunlight.

    EV9.1.6 The TSEL must be visible from a person standing up to 3 m away from the TSEL itself. The
    person's minimum eye height is 1.6 m.

    Has anyone had any problems with the scrutineers not passing their car due to the rear wing obstructing the view of the TSEL from behind? Seems like almost every electric car I've seen with a rear wing doesn't meet these rules. Is it more so of just a "in the spirit of the rules" type of thing, where scrutineers overlook it as long as it's in a normally visible position like below the top of the roll hoop?

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    As mentioned elsewhere, our understanding of this rule is that the rear wing and the endplates should be either lower than the TSAL, or transparent. Since the rule mentions "horizontal" and the object under investigation is the TSAL, doesn't it follows that it should be "horizontal at the height of the TSAL"? If you see our car, it would most probably be the only aero e-car that passes this. However, we chose not to officially protest during the competitions we attended, since we do not think it fits the FS ethos, but I believe it is something that should be brought to table for 2017.

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    Can you see the TSAL through the gap between flaps or flap/main element?
    Penn Electric Racing

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    Depends; DRS activated or not? From which height? IMO the "every horizontal direction" rule is kinda redundant and functionality of the TSAL (i.e. make sure that the car is seen when in HV mode) is already fully covered by the visibility cone rule.

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    Got an official reply from Michael Royce:

    "Yes, these rules do imply that no part of the rear wing, including end plates, can be
    higher than 1.6m from the ground. The officials and the volunteers MUST be able to see the
    TSEL through the full 360 degrees."

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    The question was asked relative to Formula Hybrid, and I answered Tarik for that competition only. How the rule will be enforced for FSAE and FS remains to be seen.

    Michael Royce.

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