For the (electric) rules stating that the Tractive System Energized Light might be visible from all directions:

EV9.1.5 The TSEL must be clearly visible from every horizontal direction, (except for the small angles
which are covered by the main roll hoop) even in very bright sunlight.

EV9.1.6 The TSEL must be visible from a person standing up to 3 m away from the TSEL itself. The
person's minimum eye height is 1.6 m.

Has anyone had any problems with the scrutineers not passing their car due to the rear wing obstructing the view of the TSEL from behind? Seems like almost every electric car I've seen with a rear wing doesn't meet these rules. Is it more so of just a "in the spirit of the rules" type of thing, where scrutineers overlook it as long as it's in a normally visible position like below the top of the roll hoop?