A couple of comments about rules in general, and then for the benefit of all, I suggest we move on.

1. Dunk, I don't think becoming a Design Judge at Formula Student is a way to influence the rules. It would not get you a vote directly. But I would think that Neill Anderson is always looking for good people.

2. As far as I can make out, the Rules Committee is made up of:
- A chairman appointed by SAE-I for a 2-3 year term (The last one was Andrew Deakin from FS UK, an RPI and Leeds FSAE/FS alum.)
- A vice chairman appointed by SAE-I who will be the next chairman.
- The FSAE Program Manager from SAE-I (Kaley Zundel)
- The 2 lead technical inspectors from FSAE US.
- One senior Design Judge.
- One representative from each of the non-US FSAE/FS competitions that are a part of the official Competition Series, i.e. Australia, Brazil, Italy, UK, Austria, Germany and Japan.

Yes, it is US focused, but SAE-I is the lead organizer and they are a US based organization. They publish the base rules.

3. Posting suggestions for rules changes or asking for rules changes on this Forum are unlikely to go anywhere. While there are a handful of design judges who frequent the Forum, I do not believe that any of the current members of the Rules Committee do so.

If someone wants a specific rule changed, I think the only way to get it considered is to send the proposed change to the Rules Committee through www.fsaeonline.com or through your competition's rep. on the Committee, quoting the existing rule and then the wording of the proposed rule AND giving a detailed reason why the rule should be changed. That last is most important, because the first thing the Committee will do with any submission is ask, "is there a good reason for a change?" And just saying "we don't like the rule" won't get very far! Bear in mind that 95-98% of the technical rules are safety related in some way. Very few are performance related, e.g. restrictor diameter and wing sizes. I believe that the Committee is receptive to clarification of existing rules.

Now, back to answering questions for FS UK and Formula Hybrid.

Michael Royce