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Thread: Optimum Working temprature for CBR600f4i

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    @Jonny Rochester
    Yes we can try on changing mix strength and ignition timings. We're working on it. Thanks for advice.
    We have a double pass radiator with dimensions of about 9"*11". Shroud leaks as of now, new design on the way.

    But would like to know if somehow we fail to get the engine temprature down below 116deg, will it still be fine to run it under theses conditions?

    (Not to mention that only a few spikes of 116deg were seen, the average temperature in the log was about 104deg celcius.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammad Saad View Post
    The fluid reservoir needs to be refilled after every run. Perhaps water in form of steam escapes through reservoir.
    You have a problem then. You could have a blown headgasket causing an internal water loss, or your radiator cap may not be working as it should. I have the radiator cap overflow hose running all the way down inside the overflow bottle (as it is in Toyotas and other cars).
    That way the engine can suck water back in and top itself up.
    University of Tasmania (UTAS)

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    If your car has only been run a few times you may just be purging air bubbles trapped on the initial fill. Is your overflow setup to siphon water back in as it cools or are you just purging out as it expands?

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