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Thread: SES and Frame

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    SES and Frame

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Sebastian and I am part of the Florida Tech Formula SAE team.
    I had a question regarding the SES and the chassis. Does your frame have to match what you sent in your SES. We might have to make some changes to our frame and it wont be exactly the same as the one in the SES. The changes would still be within the rules, just a tad different.
    If it has to match the SES, than can a I resubmit an SES without any penalties?

    Thanks for your time.

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    This is a question you should submit to the rules committee, not here. If someone here says, you're good to go, and someone notices in tech inspection that your frame is different from your SES, you're probably not going to have a good time.

    All rules compliant tubes should match the SES. I would resubmit it.
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    We had the same issue. Our Side Impact diagonal member was reversed during welding (A non-Sleeping day with less concentration) something really smale and it was still within the rules. We have asked FSG if we have to re-submit another SES or not. And the answer was no need to re-submit.
    But i do agree that you better send your modifications to the competition, print the answer and bring it with you in the TI

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    You must re-submit for any US competition. I'll be looking for your update

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