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Bill, Just noticed that the link you provided to zipshare seems to be broken... -- Doug
Zipshare only holds files for 5 days unless you pay a monthly fee. If I was posting a lot, it would be worth it (maybe).

The bigger issue for me is the file size and type limit in the Forums (FSAE and TTC). Matlab code posts sometimes get scrambled because of the comments and special characters being used in the programming. The simulation and demo programs and presentations I produce are done with tools (Matlab and PowerPoint) that generate files a bit larger than Forums accept. I formally asked for some additions headroom, but never got an answer. I'd bet there is a selector box for changing this for some users.

What has worked is private emails that I can send these teaching and demo tools to recipients. But, they then only benefit a few brave souls instead of the entire FSAE forum community.

For example, I have a TTC data processing system that can produce low res and high res Pacejka and Spline tire model modules along with graphics of the results. Too big to bother trying to post. Can't submit Powerpoint or Excel. So, the 'educational enlightenment' ability aspect of the two forums is absent. Subjects of these posts would be using Matlab as a structured object oriented language instead of a rehash of 1960's Basic or the mucho more complicated Visual Basic Studio, as applied to Vehicle Dynamics solutions.

I certainly not trying to criticize or complain, just pointing out the reasons I don't usually response to private requests for help. The two posts for VHSIM and NONLIN were just some fun factor demos I did because of a recent snowstorm. Given the processes, more serious and eye opening results can be produced.