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Thread: WTB- your old, outdated frame!

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    WTB- your old, outdated frame!

    I'm looking for an older FSAE tube frame chassis. Just need the bare chassis for a single seat electric car project. I'm located in Denver, can travel most anywhere in the US to pick up. Thanks!

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    What sort of frame were you looking for exactly? My team's previous car got scavenged from and it basically only has chassis, suspension but we needed a lot of the spherical bearings so the a a-arms are off.

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    Hi There,
    Our team, located in California, will be deconstructing last year's electric vehicle to pull out all the parts we will be using. If you are just looking for a bare chassis and nothing else, we can probably hook you up. However, we couldnt include any suspension components as they are being reused. We could potentially give you data on the suspension geometry we used however.
    Let me know!

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    I might actually be interested in a rolling chassis for a project, too. I don't care about any engine or wiring
    , but it would need steering, dampers, diff, wheels and tires (old is fine), etc...
    Cole Easterling
    Brendon & Lawrence Mfg.
    2011-2012 TAMU FH/FSAE

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