Any FSAE grad or participant would be a great fit for this position at our in-house environmental testing lab. We validate, qualify, and assist in the development of aerospace, industrial, and commercial products for a wide variety of customers. We are growing rapidly, and need to add team members to keep up with our expanding capabilities.

If you're interested after reading below, feel free to e-mail me at: drew [at]


We ( are an ISO/IEC 17025 compliant testing laboratory which provides quality testing and calibration services for a variety of industries. We provide our customers with prompt and thorough feedback and can accommodate a wide variety of standard and customized environmental, mechanical, electrical, and chemical testing programs.

Singer Laboratories is a fully equipped testing lab catering to aerospace, industrial, product development, and other industries who require certification or qualification to established testing methods, or who with to customize a representative test plan to their specifications. The equipment and testing that we perform on a day-to-day basis includes: automatic and manual transfer thermal shock, thermal cycling, and thermal ageing chambers, cryogenic cooling equipment, temperature at altitude, humidity, hydrostatic pressure, liquid immersion, salt mist, dust ingress, thermal and vacuum bake-out, vibration (via electrodynamic shaker), mechanical shock, tensile and compression testing, fiber optic and electrical discontinuity, dielectric withstanding voltage, temperature rise vs. current, and more.

Singer Labs prides itself by staffing capable technicians and engineers who can see a testing plan from conception or customer request, to designing or assembling any required custom fixtures or equipment, all the way to conducting testing and issuing a test report.

We are set apart from other testing labs by our rapid responses, quick turnaround, and ability to fabricate custom fixturing or equipment using our in-house fully equipped machine shop.

Our staff is made up of people with highly varied backgrounds, and the ability to quickly pick up new skills and quickly formulate solutions is a highly regarded skill.

We offer one-of-a-kind work, good people, a flexible working environment, a health plan, and we'll make the money right.

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Test Technician:

This is a very hands-on position. The Test Technician conducts a variety of day-to-day duties, which can range from:

• Programming and operating testing equipment in conformance with the issued testing plan
• Design and build of needed fixturing for mounting of test samples
• Basic understanding of temperature control, mechanical testing setup, mixing of chemicals, and use of measurement and inspection tools
• Verifying and documenting that the test remained within allowable parameters
• Performing routine or preventative maintenance on test equipment
• Calibration and adjustment of equipment, and producing a certificate of calibration which the quality manager will sign off on
• Measuring, cataloguing, and documenting received test samples
• Repair, modification, or design of improvements to test equipment (example: retrofitting modern temperature controller to existing thermal chamber)
• Sourcing and interpreting any relevant standards or specifications for the successful performance of a test
• Diligently tracking test progress, results, and data
• Neatly storing relevant data so that other techs or engineers can easily find information from past tests
• Writing summary test reports including all relevant test results, including photographs of setups, relevant notes, references to specifications, or any other information which benefits the interpretation of testing results

BS or AS degree
Hands-on hardware experience with laboratory testing equipment
Proficiency with hand and small power tools
Basic knowledge of machine shop practice
A track record of designing and building things
Basic understanding of mechanical systems
Basic understanding of electronics, wiring, use of a multi-meter, and circuit diagnostic practices
Basic understanding of commercial / industrial wiring practices
Ability to work unsupervised on multiple simultaneous tasks
Ability to lift and carry up to 50 pound objects unassisted
Proficiency in written technical English

Degree in an engineering discipline
Experience designing vibration or shock fixturing
Ability to read and interpret engineering part drawings
Abilities in any of the following areas:
Industrial/product design
Opto-mechanical design
Servo mechanism design
Sensors and actuators
Electrical and electronics
Vacuum systems

Any other notable technical talents?

Interested? We'd love to see your resume, and include a concise cover letter that highlights your strengths and experience. Photos or portfolio examples of both work and non-work activities are encouraged.