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Thread: For Sale: 1x EMRAX 228 HV, 1x UNITEK Bamocar D3, $5000 wanted

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    For Sale: 1x EMRAX 228 HV, 1x UNITEK Bamocar D3, $5000 wanted

    1x EMRAX 228 HV - $2500
    - purchased 2014, in use <40 hrs
    - combined-cooling (liquid and rotor shell vent holes)
    - has elbow barbed coolant fittings, accepts M12 coarse thread fittings
    - we bought the motor with an encoder, removed the stock encoder, and then fitted a custom digital encoder board which calculates and outputs the resolver signal the controller requires. We'd ship with this if you like, was rock-solid for us.
    1x UNITEK BAMOCAR-D3-400-250 RS - $2500
    - similarly in use <40 hrs total, purchased 2014

    Buyer pays for shipping
    More willing to negotiate if you want to take both in 1 purchase
    Feel free to email for more details, adamfara@seas.upenn.edu, although I check this forum pretty often
    This will come out of our 2014 FSAE Electric car
    We can likely throw in some nice shielded HV cable leads to sweeten the deal

    This is better than half price from brand new.
    Penn Electric Racing

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    So... do you still have that Bamocar or did you not update the add?

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    PSA: Email reply from OP: "Congrats! You are approximately 4 years late. It's long gone."

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