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Thread: 2015 Formula Student Austria

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMichaels View Post
    A graceful degradation strategy would have prevented that.
    That was my idea as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JulianH View Post
    ...to be fair, Delft and Stuttgart failed DNF which led to the big gaps.
    Additionally the third C class "podium candidate", TUFast Munich had a major problem in the dynamics.

    Do you know any of the causes of the DNFs? In a rather twisted way, I see the many failures in these comps as perhaps the most interesting parts of the whole show!

    Quite seriously, I think if all the Teams were better informed of all the things that can go wrong, and DO go wrong, then they would be much better "educated", and so should do much better at next year's comps.

    I am probably asking too much here, but I am thinking of a sort of database similar to the "World Ranking List" that is linked from the FSG-website. So, something that can be searched by Competition, or Event, or Team, or even "Category of Failure". Appropriate searching would then give the clever students a long list of all the things that they should NOT DO, or at the very least, should APPROACH WITH EXTREME CAUTION!

    My current gut-feeling is that things like "glued-carbonfibre-tube wishbones" would be quite high on that list. Overly optimised rodends (eg. anything under ~5 mm) might also be up there. Having too much, or badly done, "mission critical" electrical-wiring and liquid-plumbing is probably also very high on the list (eg. think air-cooled, NOT water-cooled).

    But working with the hard statistical facts is generally better than going on gut-feeling...


    (PS: ~65% failure rate in FSG's Enduro means that there is plenty of material available to start that database!)
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    as Tristan said, Delft had temperature problems with their cells and the accumulator monitoring system shut the car down out of safety reasons. You are not allowed to reset that.
    Stuttgart had a problem during re-starting. I think the airbox got destroyed. Backfire or something.

    We run the CFRP clued wishbones since 2009 and never had a problem with them. You just need to do a lot of testing and keep them away from the exhaust, then you should be fine

    For electric cars, I think water (IMD) is the biggest problem and of course some electric gremlins in the system

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