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Thread: 2015 Formula Student Germany

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    Quote Originally Posted by P^squared View Post
    Forward Acceleration capacity at the rear tyres.
    The launches won't get any quicker no matter how much BHP the engine produces.
    This will be more apparent with high revving engines, but think about the torque curve and why it may be a good idea to spin the wheels so much (for a simple RPM limiting LC system).
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    I found the Z "MORE REAR %!!!!" car.


    It is a clear front runner off the line.
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    Thijs, Z, et al.,

    I asked again. This run was in fact the "real" run at FSG.

    One thing that could be "unprecise":
    The 30cm mark could be a bit more to the right and therefore a larger area under the curve (if it's not from 0,22s to 3,52s but rather from 0,28s to 3,58s or something).
    The Sensor is not that accurate at really low speeds.

    I would not think that FSG runs Accels that are too short
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