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Thread: Texas Autocross Weekend 2015

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    Texas Autocross Weekend 2015

    UTA will be hosting the 15th annual "Texas Autocross Weekend" on the weekend of July 17-19. The original intent was for Texas and Oklahoma schools to get together, but it has grown to be a national event with schools from Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Canada, Michigan, Auburn, etc. joining us for a weekend of pure FSAE racing. This is a time to observe cars in a more relaxed setting and to see how you stack up against some of the best FSAE cars in the country. Last year we have had 12 schools represented, 29 FSAE cars, and 200 registered attendees at the event. Local spectators and sponsors also attend. Some schools attend without cars just to learn.

    The venue is an open house and social Friday night at the UTA shop to view our shop and fleet of cars and to do any last minute repairs. Snacks and soft drinks will be provided.

    Saturday will be a competition at UTA's big lot with the traditional 1998 FSAE endurance course in the morning and another more current FSAE course in the afternoon. Saturday's driving is open to anyone and will be timed by the Texas Region of SCCA. The 100 dB at 50 feet sound level will be enforced. Texas-style BBQ will be served at lunch. Saturday night will be a pizza party sponsored by GoEngineer to hear about new features of SolidWorks and SolidWorks Simulation. www.GoEngineer.com/.

    The Sunday event will be on our campus and hosted by SCCA. They will allow up to 4 drivers per car. Entry fee will be $10 per driver and each driver will get 4 runs in a true autocross style. The 100 dB at 50' sound level will be enforced. You will be on your own for lunch (several fast foods across the street) although we are usually finished by early afternoon.

    Food and refreshments will be provided by our sponsors and there will not be a registration fee but you do need to register. Please e-mail me directly if you intend to attend. We will handle all details of registration through our own e-mail list.

    -Dr. Bob Woods
    817 996 0707 cell
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Bob Woods View Post
    The 100 dB at 50 feet sound level will be enforced.
    Dr. Bob, would that be dbA, or dbC? ;^)
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    Good one! dBA...


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