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Thread: 2015 FSAE Michigan

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    Any possibility for live streaming/commentary/timing this year?

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    I still cannot believe there isnt better event coverage for this event.



    Looks like a wet morning, but looks like the weather is improving maybe some sunshine ha, hopefully the track dries up!

    Quote Originally Posted by mech5496 View Post
    Any possibility for live streaming/commentary/timing this year?

    Its live!

    Starts 1:30PM EST

    9AM EST

    9AM EST
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    Preliminary presentation and cost results are up:


    Johan Sahlström

    Lund University 2010-2015

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    On behalf of the Tech Inspection Chiefs, Mark, Matthew and Jeff, I need to correct you, but FSAE Michigan DOES have an extra scrutineering day. It is the Wednesday when we check gear starting at 10.00 am and open tech of the cars themselves at Noon. Thursday is the Statics Day for Design, Cost and Presentation. When we closed tech on Wednesday, we had had 102 cars into tech, and there were no cars waiting.

    Michael Royce,
    FSAE Tech

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    Provisional P1-3 so far, with cost and presentation.

    1. University of Oaklahoma car #45, 157.23 points
    2. Lawrence techological university car #95, 155.06 points
    3. Oakland university car #53, 152.92 points
    Johan Sahlström

    Lund University 2010-2015

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    Mr. Royce,

    Thank you very much for your detailed and authoritative reply. We do appreciate that we, the students, do not have to juggle statics and technical inspection as soon as we arrive at the competition.
    Jay Swift
    Combustion Powertrain
    Global Formula Racing 2013-2014

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    Preliminary dynamic results are up!

    Johan Sahlström

    Lund University 2010-2015

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    Compilation of the preliminary results. Missing the design scores and business top 3.

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    Good job keeping us updated, thanks to everyone! Impressed by kookmin uni., they seem to be doing fair in all aspects and their current placing is a nice surprise! Keep the updates coming!

    P.S. Any live timing/streaming for endurance?

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    Sooooo....who won?

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