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Thread: Electric paddle shift gear selector system

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    Electric paddle shift gear selector system

    Recent quote.
    As far as our thoughts on the shifter: The Flat Shifter Max is a great solution for our car, it enables us to shift rapidly and reliably in competition. It has proved much more effective than previous shifters we’ve tried.
    Luca Martinelli
    EDE Team Leader
    Cardiff Racing

    Electric gear selector system using buttons or paddles

    Complete electric button shift gear selector system for all motorcycle engines universal system which is easily fitted, gearshift paddle's available as an optional extra. FULL DETAILS AT WWW.FLATSHIFTER.COM
    Also full or part throttle clutchless up gearshift systems with auto throttle blip clutchless downshifts ( original throttle cable and linkage all remain as original nothing is changed )please go to [URL=http://www.flatshifter.com] for full details of all systems available, products now supplied to over 3 fsae teams
    See clutchless up & downshift working from inside a bike engined car (easy to see working video
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UMZzeX41FA 1000cc KART (Expert & Max systems) easy to see working video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpJ-Y-9otO8 Lee Adams GWR Raptor at Doune hill climb with new class record (Blip system)

    (3rd in British championship at time of writing)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdYDvNP0md8 Megabusa Sweden (Expert system)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAEJbHqA7-M And here's another video where we broke the lap record and 1st place .
    at a sprint event the same year both using flatshifter (Expert system)

    Best regards

    Graham uk 01206 322557
    E/mail enquiries@flatshifter.com
    Flatshifter Brief product range summary
    For racers, leisure & disabled riders/drivers

    Flatshifter Club system enables Full or part throttle clutchless up gearshifts only.
    Flatshifter Pro Full or part throttle clutchless up gearshifts & clutchless down gearshifts with our autoblip system intended for kit cars and highway use.
    Flatshifter Expert Full or part throttle clutchless up & clutchless down gearshifts (race version of the Pro kit above) for faster riders & drivers essential for highway, track days & race use.
    Flatshifter Max Electric solenoid effortless up and down gear selection system operated by buttons or flatshifter Paddles.max kit can be used with any of the above.
    Flatshifter Paddles For all electric & pneumatic gear shift systems

    Flatshifter Slik-shifter Virtually eliminates missed gearshifts & lighter, faster, more positive gearshifts.

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    Can you post a picture of your system?

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    Can you message me how much you are asking for it? Thanks.

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